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Plant list - Lucaston and Crabtree

These are plants that have been recorded as occurring naturally from the Lucaston and Crabtree areas and that we grow in the nursery. Choose from these plants if you want a totally local garden, or use this as a guide on where to start choosing plants. Be aware that even within quite small distances there can be marked differences in soil and habitat - moist or dry, for example - so read the descriptions in the main plant listings to refine this list for your garden. Needless to say many plants not recorded in the area will also thrive in your garden. Also note that the lists give no indication of how common a plant is in the area, and that even common plants might not have been recorded by botanists in their surveys.


Click on the species name to go to the listing for the plant in the main alphabetical catalogue.

The main alphabetical catalogue has cultivation details, prices, and a link to photos of each species.

Acacia dealbata      Silver Wattle
Acacia leprosa var. graveolens      Varnish Wattle
Acacia terminalis      Sunshine Wattle
Acaena novae-zelandiae      Common Buzzy
Amperea xiphoclada      Broom Spurge
Atherosperma moschatum      Sassafras
Banksia marginata      Silver Banksia
Bedfordia salicina      Tasmanian Blanketleaf
Beyeria viscosa      Pinkwood
Billardiera longiflora      Purple Appleberry
Cassinia aculeata      Common Dollybush
Clematis aristata      Mountain Clematis
Coprosma quadrifida      Native Currant
Dianella tasmanica      Tasman Flax Lily
Dicksonia antarctica      Soft Treefern
Epacris acuminata      Claspleaf Heath
Epacris impressa      Common Heath
Eucalyptus delegatensis      Gumtopped Stringybark
Eucalyptus globulus      Tasmanian Blue Gum
Eucalyptus obliqua      Stringybark
Eucalyptus rubida      Candlebark
Eucalyptus tenuiramis      Silver Peppermint
Eucalyptus viminalis      White Gum
Goodenia ovata      Parrots Foot
Leptospermum scoparium      Common Teatree
Microlaena stipoides      Creeping Pine
Microtis unifolia      Common Onion-Orchid
Monotoca glauca      Goldey Wood
Nematolepis squamea      Satinwood
Notelaea ligustrina      Native Olive
Olearia argophylla      Musk Daisybush
Olearia viscosa      Viscid Daisybush
Polystichum proliferum      Mother Shieldfern
Pomaderris apetala      Prickly Shieldfern
Pomaderris elliptica      Small-Leaf Dogwood
Prostanthera lasianthos      Alpine Mintbush
Pultenaea daphnoides      Heartleaf Bushpea
Pultenaea juniperina      Prickly Beauty
Senecio linearifolius      Common Fireweed Groundsel
Tasmannia lanceolata      Mountain Pepper
Tetratheca pilosa      Glandular Pinkbells
Viola hederacea      Native Violet
Zieria arborescens      Stinkwood

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