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Plant list - Queenstown

These are plants that have been recorded as occurring naturally in the Queenstown area and that we grow in the nursery. Choose from these plants if you want a totally local garden, or use this as a guide on where to start choosing plants. Be aware that even within quite small distances there can be marked differences in soil and habitat - moist or dry, for example - so read the descriptions in the main plant listings to refine this list for your garden. Needless to say many plants not recorded in the area will also thrive in your garden. Also note that the lists give no indication of how common a plant is in the area, and that even common plants might not have been recorded by botanists in their surveys.


Click on the species name to go to the listing for the plant in the main alphabetical catalogue.

The main alphabetical catalogue has cultivation details, prices, and a link to photos of each species.

Acacia melanoxylon    Blackwood
Acacia mucronata    Narrow-leaf Wattle
Anopterus glandulosus    Native Laurel
Archeria eriocarpa    Hairy Rainforest-Heath
Aristotelia peduncularis    Heart Berry
Baloskion australe    Southern Cord-Rush
Baloskion tetraphyllum    Tassel Cord-Rush
Banksia marginata    Silver Banksia
Baumea tetragona    Square Twig-Sedge
Bedfordia salicina    Blanket Leaf
Blandfordia punicea    Christmas Bells
Blechnum fluviatile    Ray Water Fern
Blechnum minus    Soft Water Fern
Blechnum wattsii    Hard Water Fern
Carex appressa    Tall Sedge
Cenarrhenes nitida    Native Plum
Centrolepis monogyna    Western Pincushion
Diplarrena latifolia    Western Flag Iris
Epacris impressa    Common Heath
Epacris lanuginosa    Swamp Heath
Eucalyptus nitida    Smithton Peppermint
Eucryphia lucida    Leatherwood
Gahnia grandis    Cutting Grass
Gaultheria hispida    Snowberry
Gonocarpus teucrioides    Forest Raspwort
Leptocarpus tenax    Slender Twine Rush
Leptospermum glaucescens    Smoky Tea-Tree
Leptospermum lanigerum    Woolly Tea-Tree
Leptospermum nitidum    Shining Tea-Tree
Leptospermum riparium    River Tea-Tree
Leptospermum scoparium    Common Teatree
Libertia pulchella    Pretty Grass-Flag
Lomatia polymorpha    Mountain Lomatia
Melaleuca squamea    Swamp Honeymyrtle
Nematolepis squamea    Satinwood
Nothofagus cunninghamii    Myrtle
Olearia persoonioides    Geebung Daisy Bush
Oxylobium arborescens    Tall Shaggy Pea
Ozothamnus rosmarinifolius    Swamp Everlasting
Polystichum proliferum    Mother Shieldfern
Rubus gunnianus    Alpine Raspberry
Scaevola hookeri    Creeping Fan Flower
Spyridium vexilliferum    Propeller Plant
Tasmannia lanceolata    Mountain Pepper
Telopea truncata    Tasmanian Waratah
Todea barbara    King Fern
Trochocarpa cunninghamii    Arching Trochocarpa
Viola hederacea    Native Violet
Xyris operculata    Yellow Eye

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