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Plant list - West Hobart/Mt Stuart

These are plants that have been recorded as occurring naturally within the West Hobart and Mt Stuart suburban areas (including Knocklofty) and that we grow in the nursery. Choose from these plants if you want a totally local garden, or use this as a guide on where to start choosing plants. Be aware that even within quite small distances there can be marked differences in soil and habitat - moist or dry, for example - so read the descriptions in the main plant listings to refine this list for your garden. Needless to say many plants not recorded in the area will also thrive in your garden. Also note that the lists give no indication of how common a plant is in the area, and that even common plants might not have been recorded by botanists in their surveys.


Click on the species name to go to the listing for the plant in the main alphabetical catalogue.

The main alphabetical catalogue has cultivation details, prices, and a link to photos of each species.

Acacia dealbata      Silver Wattle
Acacia genistifolia     Spreading Wattle
Acacia mearnsii     Black Wattle
Acacia melanoxylon     Blackwood
Acacia stricta     Hop Wattle
Adiantum aethiopicum     Common Maidenhair
Allocasuarina littoralis     Bulloak
Allocasuarina verticillata     Drooping Sheoak
Amperea xiphoclada     Wiry Bush Pea
Aotus ericoides     Golden Pea
Arthropodium milleflorum     Pale Vanilla-Lily
Asplenium appendiculatum     Narrow Spleenwort
Atriplex cinerea     Coast Salt Bush
Banksia marginata     Silver Banksia
Bedfordia salicina     Blanket Leaf
Brachyscome aculeata     Hill Daisy
Bursaria spinosa     Prickly Box
Chrysocephalum apiculatum     Yellow Buttons
Clematis gentianoides     Ground Clematis
Comesperma volubile     Blue Love Creeper
Coronidium scorpioides     Creeping Everlasting
Daviesia ulicifolia     Spiky Bitter Pea
Dianella amoena     Pale Flax Lily
Dianella brevicaulis     Arching Flax Lily
Dianella revoluta     Narrow-leaved Flax Lily
Dianella tasmanica     Tasman Flax Lily
Dichelachne crinita     Long Hair Plume Grass
Diplarrena moraea     White Flag Iris
Dodonaea viscosa     Hop Bush
Epacris impressa     Common Heath
Eucalyptus amygdalina     Black Peppermint
Eucalyptus cordata subsp. cordata     Silver Gum
Eucalyptus globulus     Tasmanian Blue Gum
Eucalyptus obliqua     Stringybark
Eucalyptus pulchella     White Peppermint
Eucalyptus viminalis     White Gum
Gahnia filum     Chaffy Sawsedge
Gonocarpus teucrioides     Forest Raspwort
Juncus pallidus     Pale Rush
Lepidosperma concavum     Sand Swordsedge
Lepidosperma laterale     Variable Swordsedge
Leptospermum scoparium     Common Teatree
Linum marginale     Native Flax
Lomandra longifolia     Sagg
Lomatia tinctoria     Guitar Plant
Melaleuca pallida     Yellow Bottlebrush
Microlaena stipoides     Weeping Grass
Microtis unifolia     Onion Orchid
Olearia phlogopappa     Geebung Daisy Bush
Olearia ramulosa     Twiggy Daisy Bush
Olearia viscosa     Viscid Daisy Bush
Ozothamnus obcordatus     Spicy Bush-Everlasting
Poa rodwayi     Velvet Tussock-grass
Podolepis jaceoides     Showy Podolepis
Pomaderris pilifera     Hairy Dogwood
Pterostylis nutans     Nodding Greenhood
Pterostylis pedunculata     Maroonhood
Pultenaea juniperina     Prickly Beauty
Scleranthus biflorus     Cushion Plant
Senecio linearifolius     Fireweed
Stackhousia monogyna     Creamy Candles
Stylidium graminifolium     Trigger Plant
Thelionema caespitosum     Tufted Lily
Themeda triandra     Kangaroo Grass
Velleia paradoxa     Spur Velleia
Veronica calycina     Hairy Speedwell
Veronica derwentiana     Derwent Speedwell
Vittadinia muelleri     Narrow Leaf New Holland Daisy
Wahlenbergia gymnoclada     Naked Bluebell
Zieria arborescens     Stinkwood

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