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Xerochrysum Linda's Pink

We grow paper daisies in the family Xerochrysum (which used to be called Bracteanthum, just to confuse us) from seed. Last year we had a batch of Xerochrysum papillosum seedlings, which are normally white, that included a single plant with beautiful pink flowers. We grew the plant on, took cuttings, and now it is available for sale. The plant was first discovered by one of our staff members, Linda, so we have named it Xerochrysum Linda's Pink.

Xerochrysums are hardy and adaptable plants that grow well in drier conditions. They can be cut back after flowering to keep the plant clean and tidy and induce more flowering. The flowers themselves can be dried and used in long-lasting arrangments. We now have white, yellow, lemon and pink forms in the nursery, so you can develop nicely contrasting flowerbeds or flower bunches.

The photos show Linda's Pink in bud and in flower (with a white Xerochrysum papillosum in the background).

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