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Wallaby-proof Plants

Wallabies are the bane of many Tasmanian bush gardens. The plants in this list have been found to be resistant to wallabies in the gardens of the nursery's staff. Wallaby tastes probably differ from place-to-place, but these are a starting point. Young plants are more likely to be susceptible to grazing, as will any new growth. Unfortunately we can make no guarantees, and we would welcome any comments on these plants, or suggestions to add to the list. Note that it may be advisable to protect plants when they are young. Greater grazing pressure will undoubtedly occur during periods of low food availability in the bush.


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Acacia axillaris     Midlands Wattle
Acacia terminalis     Sunshine Wattle
Acacia mucronata     Mountain Cascade
Anopterus glandulosus     Native Laurel
Asterotrichion discolor     Native Hemp
Bellendena montana     Mountain Rocket
Boronia anemonifolia     Sticky Boronia
Boronia citriodora     Lemon Scented Boronia
Calytrix tetragona     Common Fringe-myrtle
Chrysocephalum apiculatum     Yellow Buttons
Coprosma quadrifida     Prickly Currant Bush
Coronidium scorpioides      Creeping Everlasting
Dianella tasmanica     Tasman Flax Lily
Dicksonia antarctica     Man Fern
Eucryphia lucida     Leatherwood
Gonocarpus teucrioides     Forest Raspwort
Goodia lotifolia     Golden Tip
Grevillea australis     Southern Grevillea
Indigofera australis     Native Indigo
Lasiopetalum baueri     Slender Velvet Bush
Lasiopetalum macrophyllum     Shrubby Velvet Bush
Lasiopetalum micranthum     Spreading Velvet Bush
Leptospermum spp.     Prostrate Leptospermum forms
Lomandra longifolia     Sagg
Micrantheum serpentinum     Serpentine Micrantheum
Nematolepis squamea     Small-leaved Satinwood
Olearia obcordata     Heart Leaf Daisy Bush
Olearia phlogopappa     Dusty Daisy Bush
Philotheca verrucosa     Fairy Wax Flower
Poa labillardierei     Silver Tussock-grass
Poa mollis     Soft Tussock-grass
Poa sieberiana     Grey Tussock-grass
Poa clivicola      Fineleaf Snow Grass
Prostanthera lasianthos      Christmas Bush
Prostanthera rotundifolia      Round-leaved Mint Bush
Pultanaea daphnoides     Large-leaved Bush Pea
Pultanaea pedunculata     Matted Bush Pea
Richea dracophylla     Dragon-leaf Richea
Scleranthus biflorus     Cushion Plant
Senecio linearifolius      Fireweed
Spyridium lawrencei     Small-leaf Dusty-miller
Spyridium parvifolium     Dusty Miller
Spyridium vexilliferum     Propeller Plant
Tetragonia implexicoma     Ice Plant
Veronica formosa     Speedwell Bush
Zieria littoralis     Downy Zieria

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