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Plant list by botanical name - H

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The prices shown are for plants in tubes and 140 mm pots. Larger sizes are available for many species.

The Garden Hardiness (G) and Pot Suitability (P) ratings refer to the reliability and suitability of plants to being grown in the garden and pots. For more information, click here.

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Species Name Common Name Description Price
Hakea epiglottis Beaked Hakea Endemic to Tasmania, this hardy shrub will grow to 3m x 2m. Creamy white flowers in spring. Images G6-9, P-9. $3.25 $9.95
Hakea epiglottis Beaked Hakea - Apsley Yellow This form of the endemic Beaked Hakea is from the banks of the Apsley River. It will grow to 2.5m and displays yellow flowers in spring. Suitable for most conditions. G6-9, P6-9. $4.95 $9.95
Hakea lissosperma Needle Bush A fast growing, large bushy shrub or small tree to 6m x 3m. An excellent screening plant. Prefers a slightly moist site but adapts to drier conditions. White flowers in spring. Images G5-9, P3-7. $3.25 $9.95
Hakea megadenia Autumn Hakea Endemic to S.E. Tasmania, and growing to 3m x 2m, this hardy shrub displays creamy white flowers in autumn. Suitable for most conditions. Images G6-9, P6-9. $4.95 $9.95
Hakea microcarpa Small Fruit Hakea Hakea A spiky shrub to 2 m adapted to survival in extreme cold. Small white flowers. Images G4-8, P4-7. $3.25 $9.95
Hakea nodosa Yellow Hakea Soft-foliaged coastal shrub to 2-3 m in well-drained soils. Scented yellow flowers in winter. Images G5-8, P5-8. $3.25 $9.95
Hakea sericea Bushy Needlewood A hardy, dense prickly shrub to 3 m or more. Provides good refuge for small birds. White or pinkish flowers in winter-spring. Images G5-8, P5-8. (This species is now considered Hakea decurrens subsp. physocarpa and we will change labels soon.) $3.25 $9.95
Hakea teretifolia Dagger Hakea A spiky hakea with distinctive seed pods. Suitable for well-drained sites. Images $3.25 $9.95
Hakea ulicina Furze Needlebush A particularly dense, spiky bush (don't be fooled by the juvenile foliage)! White flowers. Images $4.95 $9.95
Hardenbergia violacea Purple Coral Pea A spreading groundcover for a well drained site, to 10cm high by 1.2m wide; or a low climbing vine. Deep purple flowers in spring. Very rare in the Tasmanian bush. Images G6-9, P4-7. $4.95 $12.95
Helichrysum leucopsideum Satin Everlasting A suckering daisy with flowering stems to 20cm. Pink and white buds open to white everlasting flowers with yellow centres. Good for drying. Images G5-8, P5-8. $4.95 $12.95
Helichrysum pumilum var pumilum Tiny Alpine Daisy Slow growing plant with a small clump of leaves and red buds opening to white flowers to 5 cm. Cute! Images G2-6, P4-8.

$8.95 $18.50

Helichrysum scorpioides See Coronidium scorpioides    
Herpolirion novae-zealandiae Sky Lily A prostrate, suckering alpine lily. A mat of short grass-like foliage features etherial sky blue, six-petalled flowers, nestled amongst the leaves in summer. Moist sites or pot. Images G2-6, P3-7. $5.95 $16.50
Hibbertia basaltica Basalt Guinea Flower Rare endemic prostrate Hibbertia spreading to 0.5 - 1 m, with large yellow flowers in spring and summer. Only occurs in dry areas to the north of Hobart. Drought and frost hardy. Click here for more information. Images $4.95 $12.95
Hibbertia empetrifolia Scrambling Guinea Flower A bushy, shrubby scrambler to 2m. Requires fixing to a support, or will grow up through other shrubs. Massed bright yellow flowers in spring. Likes a moist spot. Images G5-8, P4-7. $5.95 $16.50
Hibbertia procumbens Spreading Guinea Flower A prostrate plant spreading to 1 m with attractive yellow flowers in latge spring and early summer. Requires a well-drained position, preferably with a dash of shade. Images $4.95 $12.95
Hibbertia prostrata Prostrate Guinea Flower A fine-foliaged plant with spreading stems to 30 cm. Yellow flowers in spring. Best in a well-drained site. Images $4.95 $12.95
Hibbertia riparia Erect Guinea Flower A small shrub to 50cm, with erect stems decorated nicely in late spring with a profusion of clear yellow flowers. Well drained soils. Can be hard pruned. Images G4-6, P5-7. $4.95 $12.95
Hibbertia serpyllifolia Fine Leaf Guinea Flower A fine leaved, soft foliaged plant to 15cm high by 40cm wide. Masses of clear yellow flowers in spring. Well drained sites or as a pot plant. Images $4.95 $12.95

Hovea corrickiae

 Glossy Purplepea A rare shrub found in damp, open forests in N.E. Tas. Grows to about 3 m, with white, purple-lined flowers in spring. Prefers well-drained, average to moist soils in some shelter or shade. Images Click here for more information about this species.

$3.25 $9.95

Hovea tasmanica

 Hill Hovea A shrub to about 2m. Pea flowers in spring are usually bluish purple, but on some plants can be pale. Can be difficult to establish. Best in a well drained site. G2-7, P2-7. Used to be known as Hovea lanceolata. Images Click here for more information about this species.


Huon Pine   See Lagarostrobus franklinii  
Hydrocotyle muscosa Mossy Pennywort Tiny leaves, pressed flat to the ground, forms a soft, bright green mat in a cool moist position or pot. Images G3-7, P4-7. $4.95 $9.95
Hydrocotyle sibthorpioides Mountain Pennywort A suckering, soft foliaged groundcover, forming a pale green mat, in a moist, cool position or pot. Images G5-8, P6-8. $4.95 $9.95
Hymenanthera dentata Tree Violet A hardy, very spiky shrub to 2 m. Tiny fragrant flowers and small white fruits. Cold and drought hardy. Images G5-8, P4-8. $4.95


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