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Plant list by botanical name - W

Click on the species name to get further information and pictures of the plant.

The prices shown are for plants in tubes and 140 mm pots. Larger sizes are available for many species.

The Garden Hardiness (G) and Pot Suitability (P) ratings refer to the reliability and suitability of plants to being grown in the garden and pots. For more information, click here.

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Species Name Common Name Description Price
Wahlenbergia gymnoclada Naked Bluebell  Summer flowering with large, deep purple flowers on stems to 40 cm. Images G4-8, P4-7. $3.25
Wahlenbergia saxicola Mountain Bluebell Endemic Tasmanian bluebell. Suckering, with blue flowers on short stems in spring/summer. Prefers moist conditions. Images G3-8, P5-8. $4.95
Wahlenbergia stricta Bluebell Intense blue flowers on slender stems to 50 cm in summer. Can be hard pruned. Images G4-8, P4-7. $3.25
Westringia angustifolia Narrowleaf Westringia - Neika White  A bushy shrub to 1.2m, with aromatic white flowers in spring. Responds to light trimming. Average to moist sites. Images G5-8, P4-7. $4.95
Westringia brevifolia Coast Westringia Endemic Tasmanian coastal shrub, growing as a dense bush to 1.5m high and wide. White flowers in summer. Coastal and well drained sites. Images G6-9, P5-8. Used to be called Westringia brevifolia var. raleighii. $4.95
Westringia rigida  Rigid Coast Westringia A bushy shrub to 1.5m by 2m wide. White with mauve, scented flowers in summer. Coastal and well drained sites. Images G5-8, P5-8. $4.95
Westringia rubiaefolia Sticky Westringia This shrub to 1m, is endemic to Tasmania and occurs from the coast to the mountains. The deep green foliage sets off the speckled white flowers in summer. Images G4-8, P4-8. $4.95
Westringia rubiaefolia Sticky Westringia - Mountain Pink A soft-leaved, pink flowering form of this shrub that grows to 40 cm wide x 1.2 m high. G4-8, P4-8. $4.95


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